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Gioia aims at producing casual footwear, while creating economic opportunities for low-income people in Jordan. Our designs include traditional embroidery techniques, calligraphy and local art incorporated into contemporary shoes.

We ensure that the quality and comfort of our handmade shoes meet the highest standard and our signature embroidery designs are carefully made stitch by stitch to meet our client’s satisfaction.




Our Story & Mission

We are more than just a business, we work for a sustainable future to share economies, reduce poverty, exploit talent and encourage creativity.

We want to create a “shared economy” in the fashion industry by identifying and inviting talented people in underprivileged areas to be part of the production process to bring together a blend of heritage and innovation and offer consumers a diversity of products inspired by a blend of local and International cultures.

Many people living in under privileged communities possess artistic talents that are often neglected or not maximized to their full potential. Once Gioia’s team identifies these talents, we guide them in maximizing the use of their skills to generate revenue and support their families for a better life.

In order to adapt to the trends and offer customers fashionable footwear we collaborate with well known fashion designers who volunteer to guide refugees in producing stylish shoes using their traditional techniques with modern designs.

For every item sold, part of the proceeds go directly to the artisans, making a significant difference in their lives, not just financially but also morally. It boosts their motivation to create more and work harder. At Gioia, we believe in meritocracy, equality and fairness, and every artisan should be compensated accordingly. Your purchase can make a huge difference in the daily life of the most vulnerable.

Gioia aims at becoming the leading social enterprise in the fashion industry. We work in line with values of diversity, cultural heritage, and innovation to dress and help as many people as possible.

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